Female Body Armor Vest

17. August 2016 Female Body Armor 0
Female Body Armor Vest

Most Ongoing Problem With The Female Vest

When the female officer receive the vest from a vendor its not fitting properly. Its basically a very ill-fit vest and it seems to be very vague explanation as to why a female vest specifically for that officer is not fit properly when it received. So, more education need to happen in the process of measurement, production and end products.

Ill– fitting vest can be more than an annoyance. Designed elements such as dots and faults can cause the vest more bulky restricting movements and causing gaps under arms that makes female officers more vulnerable. The technical community can continuously collect information and communicate the same with the industry in order to make improvements in designing the vest.

As per most of the lady police officer body armor vest is an important piece of safety equipment and encourages all police officer to find the right vest which offers maximum protection. Body armor saves lives and it can also makes everyday police work safer.

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